Why Should Moms Make Time for Paediatric Dental Visits

dental-checkup-for-kidsLife as a first-time mom is amazing, yet very challenging. All the changing diapers and sleepless nights can be so overwhelming, especially for a new mom like me. To make this new life a bit easier, I always consult and follow the advice of my paediatrician, knowing that their knowledge, at least regarding the health of children, gives me a peace of mind when deciding on medications, treatments, nutrition, etc. I remember that my paediatrician was very particular on the importance of kids’ dental care. She mentioned that dental checkup for kids should begin by one year of age. I took her advice and for several years, I brought my daughter, Sara, to the dentist at least twice each year. 

Since my work has been so taxing and my schedule more booked than ever, I find it difficult nowadays to continue the dental care regimen of my daughter. As she spends most of her time in school and when she arrives home, plays and does her homework, it’s been a hassle to bring her to the nearest dentist in the area. My weekends are usually allotted for running errands and spending quality time with the whole family, so I find it hard to squeeze in at least 3 hours for our visit to the dentist. I realized that what I needed was a paediatric dentist near my office in Coburg, so that there will be no excuses when it comes to the regular check up. 

After scouring the internet and asking some of the parents in school, I was able to find a trusted dentist for my daughter. Thankfully, this paediatric dentist was very lighthearted towards children, that my daughter was always so eager and excited for her next visit. Not only did I see how approachable she was, but also how concerned and attentive she was to my daughter’s needs. Since Sara was due for quite some time, there were small cavities seen in her teeth. The paediatrician dentist went beyond the typical “sit down-and-treat” process. After doing the necessary measures to lessen the cavities, she gave my daughter a short list of reminders and tips on how she can improve the conditions of her teeth, even without the presence of the dentist 24/7. My daughter wasn’t the only one educated, even I had may takeaways from those few minutes of advice on proper oral care. 

A typical dental check up of my daughter takes a minimum of half an hour as it involves the checking of the teeth for decay, fillings, and cracks, checking of gums, examination of mouth and face parts for signs of swelling, and last but not the least, is the oral prophylaxis. Afterwards, we’ll chat for a few minutes and it’s usually about the eating and brushing habits of Sara at home. Having a reliable and encouraging paediatric dentist gave me assurance that my daughter’s teeth and oral health is in good hands. 

I realized that despite all the knowledge and the tools to effectively maintain oral health of the kids, the responsibility of teaching children on how to take care of the teeth does not fall onto the lap of the dentists, rather, they fall on ours, on us mothers. Making the regular trips to the dentists teaches me the necessity of fulfilling obligations and keeping commitments for the betterment of child’s health. And when I’m there beside my daughter in the clinic, I am constantly reminded to show and teach my daughter the importance of responsibility in taking care of one’s own body, in her case, teeth. 

Going to clinics and visiting doctors may not always seem inviting to kids, most especially if they are in the younger stages. For this reason, it is up to us parents to firsthand teach the importance of oral health and how to maintain the pearly whites. Children will be happy and willing to learn anything as long as parents are right by their side. I started teaching Sara how to independently brush her teeth at the age of four and it gave us plenty of wonderful memories. But when the experts’ and doctors’ assistance are needed, never hesitate to call or visit them. 

Maybe initially, just like Sara, she dreaded clinic visits, but it is our role as mothers to explain to them the purpose of all these dental appointments. Don’t forget the scheduled dates for the check up because in the end, the kids will get used to the processes, feel more comfortable in seeing the dentists, and as a mom, you become more confident that your child won’t have as much dental complications when he/she reaches adulthood. 

Fulfilling one’s duties as a mom is no doubt demanding, such as the regular paediatric dentist visits. But when you see your child happy and healthy, all efforts will definitely be worthwhile. 

As you can see, dental attention is important in maintaining good health. There are more relevant topics about health and wellness that you can read when you click here. Always remember that paying attention to your health is the best way to prevent the entry of diseases.