How to Find the Best Hair Colourist in Melbourne

I like having fun with my hair, especially since I design it to express my personality. Because I tend to try different things with my hair, I have to take very good care of it. Whether it is changing the colour or going for curls, it gets exposed to some ingredients that can definitely weaken or damage it. To make sure that I keep it healthy all the time, I only go to the experts so I am sure it is professionally maintained.

I recently began searching for the best hair colourist in Melbourne, since I have made a decision to drastically change my hair colour. The search is not as easy because there are quite a few well-rated salons in the city. I wanted to get more information, specifically from actual customers, as to how their experiences were with these salons, so I started asking around for recommendations. Some of my good friends enthusiastically recommended their hair colourist, so I checked out their salon’s Facebook page.

Checking their social media pages, like their Instagram and their Facebook fan page really convinced me to book an appointment. After all, with the use of technology, they can really document their wonderful work and upload it to show potential customers like me. Moreover, I found pictures of the exact shade I was aiming for, so I knew that they could definitely deliver.

If you are, like me, trying out a salon for the first time, it is a good idea to do the following steps before having your hair done with them:

  1. Book a Consultation First

A great salon values customer satisfaction, so they will take the time to sit down with you and understand what you really want to achieve. You can call for a short consultation, even just a 15 minute one, to discuss what kind of procedure you want to have done. You can then explain what treatments were done before as this may influence their approach in colouring it. If you are also not yet sure what shade you want, you can use this opportunity to brainstorm together. Once you make up your mind, they will also plan your appointments, whether it can be done in one sitting or not.

  1. Bring Pictures with You

If you happen to see the right shade or look in a magazine, bring a copy to make it easy for the colourist to visualize what you want. If you are not yet sure, you can also show photos of what you do not like, to at least help with brainstorming. 

Discussing plans prior to the actual appointment is crucial because a great hair colourist will know which shades suit certain skin tones, for example. Get their expert opinion so that you end up with hair that looks great not just in pictures, but in real life as well.

  1. Make a Long-term Plan

Once you colour your hair, you will need to maintain it regularly. Otherwise, it will look unsightly. Some people make the mistake of doing something very high maintenance when they are busy working mothers with little time to go regularly for touch-ups. Make sure that you are able to give the time and effort to keep it looking great. If you cannot come as frequently, tell your colourist immediately so he or she can choose a shade that you can easily keep. 

  1. Discuss Hair Care

It is important to understand the structure and the condition of your hair, and how colouring will change it. Some hair products or procedures might be very harsh and might damage your locks. A great colourist will recommend a hair mask before the actual appointment, and identify a good shampoo and conditioner to keep it in great condition. 

If you are also hitting the beach, make sure that you come for a conditioning treatment afterward. A customer-oriented colourist can easily advise you on ways to maintain your hair and its colour for a longer time, whilst someone who just wants to make more money will probably not care.

  1. Take Small Steps

If you have “virgin” hair, meaning you have never had it coloured before, consult with the salon on simpler options. They should also offer semi-permanent gloss or even recommend highlights that will enhance your hair’s natural color and still bring a different look. This way, you can change up your hair colour without using more permanent hair dye.

On your first appointment, you will be able to discuss all of these so that you can make up your mind whether to have your hair coloured with them. On the other hand, the colourist gets a clear picture of the work they have to do so they can prepare beforehand. This saves you both time on the day of the appointment itself and lessens the risk of regrets and dissatisfaction. If you are able to have this great customer-friendly relationship with your salon, then you know you have found one of the best ones in Melbourne.