Pilates as an Effective Tool in Keeping Your Body Toned, Strong and Healthy

pilatesI am a workaholic and just starting to build a strong reputation and credibility in my career. I am in my early 30s now and I feel like I am capable of doing everything and achieving anything I want. However, I didn’t have any workout routines in the past that will work my muscles and body that is staying inside the office for long hours every day. I think this is the main reason why I am feeling slow, heavy and sometimes dizzy during the latter part of the day. I though eating healthy organic food and consuming supplements such as freshly extracted juice are enough already to nourish and keep my body healthy. I was wrong. I asked my friends and colleagues in the office about the best activities or anything that can help me maintain high levels of energy, ability to focus and concentrate amidst busy work, and keep my body in good shape and health. One of them mentioned about Pilates.

I asked my colleagues about Pilates and its difference from other workout exercises. They mentioned that it has some similarities to yoga but it focuses more on the core of our body such as the butt, inner and outer thigh, lower back, obliques, abdomen, and others. They emphasized that it will be very good for someone like me who is looking for a workout that will not just keep my body healthy but make sure that it is in great shape as well. I have learned that it is highly effective in developing good posture, balance, coordination, muscular endurance, flexibility, and strength. The amazing thing about all these is that Pilates involves lower risks of injury especially when compared to other physically challenging exercises.     

From what I’ve heard, it looks like Pilates is such a great exercise and I feel like it will not bore me and will actually make every workout session exciting. To convince myself more, look over the Web to know more about the benefits of Pilates. I have discovered that the exercise is effective in perfecting the shape of the abs. Its other benefits include easing of back pain, honing ang improving mental focus, reducing pressure on the joints, improving sports performance, making sex better, boosting brain power, and making the body and muscles more flexible. The other key health benefits are increased stamina, more powerful muscles, and significant decrease in stress.

I decided to do Pilates on a regular basis. I’ve learned that I can do it on my own. I just need a good mat and a DVD for clear and specific instructions. However, I wanted to have a really good start so I went to the gym that offers services for Pilates. I want to start doing the exercise with the guide of a professional instructor first before I continue doing it on my own in my own house or office. I went to one of the reputable gyms in our area and told them that I want to enroll for Pilates classes. After some signing of forms, I was introduce to my personal instructor and we started discussing about the exercise. I asked first about the ability of the exercise to significantly reduce stress.

My Pilates instructor is good-looking and very professional guy, which makes it very easy for me to listen and really understand everything he said. According to him, breathing is one of the main focus of the exercise. This results to the ability to become more mindful of one’s breath, body and muscles, and makes the person feel like he or she is meditating. The proper inhaling and exhaling of air totally relaxes the muscles and the whole body. The positive effect can also be realized in the better and sounder sleep. One reason is because the body is relaxed. But the more important one is because there is less psychological and physical tension inside the body.

While we were also discussing, he instructed me do perform some routines. As I was performing the routines, he continued with his discussions of the key health benefits of the exercise. He told me that it is also highly recommended for young professionals like me who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer. The exercise can help significantly reduce the instances of experiencing stomach ache, headache, back ache, neck ache, and other aches all over the body. This is possible if one has a good posture, which can be achieved through Pilates. The exercise has a routine called alignment where the body are held up from the feet to the head without causing strain to the body.           

I left the gym very happy and optimistic about achieving a healthy body in an enjoyable way. I bought a Pilates DVD because I want to start doing it on my own until I can completely perform the exercise without an instructor.