Why Girls and Women Should Try Indoor Cricket

There are not many Aussie girls and women who play indoor cricket, which is quite sad because this sport can provide a bevy of benefits. Not that I blame them. I, myself, didn’t really look at indoor cricket as a worthy sport to engage in.

Good thing a friend of mine introduced me to it that I am now a firm believer in what it can do for us women. I know what you have in mind. Why would I want to play indoor cricket? I have listed herein some of the fundamental reasons why all women should try indoor cricket.

Enhances Our Social Skills

Like all team sports, indoor cricket gives us the chance to work out our differences and set them aside for the sake of winning one for the team. The game requires us to put the interests of the team first before our very own.

And while we can also achieve these in our workplace or even in school, sometimes the overriding need to excel pushes us back to being individuals rather than being team players.

It doesn’t matter where you’re going to play indoor cricket Australia. What is important is the opportunity to harness our social skills.

Perhaps, more critical is how we handle defeat. A game is always defined by how well the losing individual or team accepts defeat. And while we can always aspire to become winners, there will always be instances when we lose.

How we face and handle defeat can help us become better persons in the real world. Indoor cricket gives us the opportunity to experience defeat and to face it with better resolve.

Improves Flexibility

One of the most noticeable improvements that indoor cricket can bring is related to our flexibility. As women, we are expected to move with grace and elegance. This is possible if we can also improve the flexibility of our joints.

The different movements associated with a game of indoor cricket can help improve the full range of motion of the joints in our arms, torso, and the legs.

Harnesses Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing indoor cricket can also help improve our hand-eye coordination. Whether it is hitting the ball with our bat or catching a ball as it rolls across the ground, we have to have exceptional hand-eye coordination to go with our spatial skills. This can have significant implications in our daily lives whether we work in the office or a factory setting or even in schools.

Being able to make accurate estimates of the placement of our bodies and different objects in relation to space can help us improve our performance of daily tasks.

A Fun Way to Lose Weight

Well, almost, anyway. It may not really be as intense as other cardio exercises, but being able to sprint several times in a game can help burn more calories than any other activity. These sprints – very fast runs from the batter’s end to the pitcher’s area and back – requires powerful leg muscles to help propel us to a relatively short distance in the shortest time possible.

With power in our legs comes the expenditure of calories. If we also add to this more sensible food choices and more ideal feeding practices, then we can somehow see improvements in our weight, too.

Improves Endurance and Stamina

Whoever said that only men need to increase their stamina? Women today also need to have staying power so that they can accomplish more in their lives.

The running and throwing that occurs in an indoor cricket field can help build a more robust cardiovascular system. This allows us to strengthen our hearts, allowing it to pump blood more efficiently. In the long run, this spells improved stamina.

Playing indoor cricket with your girlfriends can be so much fun. More importantly, it can help you further enhance your social skills while also improving your flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and endurance. Indoor cricket can also be instrumental in your weight loss goals.