Why I Got Hooked with the Sports Massage Clinic in Brunswick and Niddrie Area

It was during my vacation in Victoria, Australia that I started to feel like my legs had been hit by a baseball bat after jogging for a few miles. I love the feel of fresh air on my face, the sound of my running shoes as my feet pummel the pavement. And there’s a feeling of absolute freedom as I walk briskly or break into a slow jog or a fast run to my destination.

But the leg pain I felt that day I jogged was so intense that I just plopped down on my bed upon arriving at my hotel. When my friend called me for a promised drink at the bar near the hotel later that night, I tried to get up but my legs are as heavy as lead so I declined the invitation. When asked why, I told my friend the sad story of my legs. Upon hearing my predicament, he suggested that I visit a sports massage clinic the next day.

What Is a Sports Massage Clinic?

When people hear the word massage, what comes into their mind is the massage for relaxation and one usually goes to a spa to have this kind of pampering. For a sports massage, you have to visit a sports massage clinic to get this type of therapy. This type of massage targets the muscles and soft tissues, as well as the joints to promote flexibility during the training of athletes in preparation for competition and after training/competition to help heal injured muscles and for tissues to heal fast. The therapy performed for athletes is done in a sports massage clinic. My friend recommended a sports massage clinic in Brunswick and Niddrie area.

Who Visits A Sports Massage Clinic?

When I visited the sports massage clinic, I was hoping to get a glimpse of some sports celebrity who suffers from a sprained ankle or an injured knee. Three people arrived before me and they were in the waiting room, waiting to see their therapists. I did not see any popular athlete and I was quite disappointed. Apparently, the other patients are ordinary people like me who lead an active lifestyle. Parents whose children suffer an injury during a school game prefer to bring their kids to a sports clinic for more targeted treatment.

However, athletes preparing for competition also come for a massage to prepare their bodies for the games. With a sports massage, a player’s body attains the flexibility and agility it needs. After a game, visiting the clinic immediately will help the body recover from the strenuous movements during the game. The treatment will help ripped tissues heal fast and reduce body pain.

What Are the Benefits of a Sports Massage?

After undergoing a sports massage, I felt better and ready again to go for the long run. I was thankful to my friend for recommending the sports massage clinic in Brunswick and Niddrie area as I was able to rip several benefits as follows:

  • Reduced tension

During training, the body is exposed to tension and stress and these build up, causing the soft tissues to become tense. Tissues can suffer from minor damage and ripped tissues can become a wound. Through a sports massage, the tensed soft tissues are broken down easily, making one feel relaxed. Tensed muscles and tissues can lead to awkward movements that may cause little accidents during the game.

  • Increased tissue permeability

When tissue is given the right type of massage, it becomes permeable, meaning it expands, causing the tissue to become highly absorbent. Nutrients can pass through easily and waste products can be released through the pores of the tissues. Oxygen and nutrients can easily and quickly reach the target muscles, leading to their fast recovery.

  • Increased blood flow

A massage that targets the tissues and muscles in the body improves blood flow. Blood carries oxygen around the body. Since the massage makes the blood vessels dilate, blood and nutrients are able to flow smoothly. The ample oxygen supply will keep the mind and the body alert, contributing to better performance and a total feeling of well being.

  • Pain reduction

A sports massage can help reduce pain and enables the body to purge out toxic waste materials in the body.  By relaxing the tissues and muscles and removing toxic waste from the body, a sports massage makes one feel in top condition, which allows him to attain top performance.

After my massage at the sports massage clinic in Brunswick and Niddrie, I felt better and I can jog, run, or engage in other demanding activities. Whenever I visit Victoria, my first destination is this wonderful clinic to get another sports massage.