Why I Recommend Zumba for Weight Loss


I am a mother who is already in her mid30’s. I gave birth to my first child during my late 20s and am now taking care of two healthy, smart and hyper active kids. Aside from being a mother, I also manage a small business because I don’t want to completely rely on my husband when it comes to financial matters. Since I gave birth, I allot almost all of my time taking care of my kids and making sure that our business is operational and competitive. These prevented me from doing physically challenging activities that can keep me fit and maintain my body’s great shape. I started to gain weight and don’t look as great as I did during my single years. My friends and relative started noticing the changes in the way I look, which makes me less confident and more conscious now about how others may think of me.

With these, I talked with my best friends and asked them about what they think is the best exercise to help me lose weight. I told them that I want something that I can also enjoy doing. They told me to try zumba because it’s combination of dance and exercise. They said that I will surely like it because I am also fond of dancing during our college days.

Because I got interested and got excited with the thought of doing an exercise that is also like dancing, I immediately opened my laptop and searched about it. I was so happy when I found out that there are zumba classes in Geelong where I live. I got ecstatic with the thought of exercising and dancing with other women in our community. Plus, doing exercise with women of different ages is inspiring and motivating for me.      

I visited the website of the organization that offers zumba classes to know about their schedules, requirements and whether or not they have registration and membership fees. When I learned about the schedules, I enrolled myself online and filled out the online membership form. I also looked at the photos of their previous sessions and was glad to see that there are actually participants who are familiar to me. I have noticed that there are young girls who like in their early 20s and there are also those who look like in their late 40s already.

To have more knowledge about the exercise, I did further research and learned about the numerous benefits that include effectiveness in losing weight. I have learned that there are studies that showed people who engage in zumba are able to lose more than 4,000 calories for every week of doing the exercise. I was surprised to know that a pound of fat is equal to more than 3,500 calories. Comparing it to the thousands of calories that can be lost for a week of zumba, anyone can really achieve a reduction in body weight.

The next day, I bought workout wear that is appropriate to zumba. Then, during the day of my first class, I was so happy to see different women in person who have the same goal as mine. I felt like losing weight becomes a lot easier because there are also other women in your neighborhood who undergo the same journey. It makes me more confident and driven to really achieve my goal of losing weight on a weekly basis. With these, I want to say that it is better to do zumba with other people around you. It is far better to attend zumba classes than to do it on your own. Though the dancing aspect of the exercise is already fun, it is a lot more fun if you do it with other women.    

After my first zumba class, I chatted with one of the other participants and asked her about the other benefits she experienced. She told me that she now has a more toned muscles and body. Before, she was having cellulites in her legs, which are very obvious. These prevented her from wearing short shorts and other sexier outfits that reveal her legs. But after she started doing zumba, the cellulites started to disappear as her legs and thighs became more lean and firm. She also now has higher levels of energy because she is able to do more tasks on a daily basis without feeling too tired. She thought that the fast movements of the exercise train her lungs to become stronger and able to hold more oxygen. Because of this, she is also able to focus and concentrate more on the things she do.  

After the short chat, I felt more hopeful that I can successfully lose a significant amount of weight. I left the zumba class with a regained self-confidence. I can now face the people around me without feeling too conscious about my weight.